Saturday 25 July 2015

3D Escape Games-Bathroom

New 3D rooms released in 3D Escape Game-Bathroom by QuickSailor.

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59th Escape Game App by Quicksailor.

In your neighbor’s house, you go to the bathroom to have a wash and by mistake you close the door which is protected with a puzzle as a key to open the door. All you need to do is, go through the bathroom to find hidden objects, solve puzzles and escape easily from the bathroom. Bathroom Escape got interesting game play for boys, girls & kids. The Game contains following elements in it: Escape the room, Find Hidden Objects & Solve Puzzles. Room Escape games are attracted by escape gamers throughout the world and bathroom is a Room Escape Game. Play bathroom Escape Game and Have Escape Game Time.

Go ahead play this escape game app to escape from the bathroom without any trouble. Have a quick playtime!

Download this free escape game app and have a quick play!

How to play Bathroom Escape: Go through the bathroom, solve puzzles, find hidden objects and make use of them to escape. Enjoy!

Bathroom Escape Game Features:

• 9 Levels of Escape

• New Levels available

• 100% Free to Download.

• Room Escape Game App.

• Bathroom App

• Solve Puzzles

• Find Hidden Objects

• Cool Graphics & Challenging Game-play

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