Tuesday 25 July 2017

3D Escape Games-Puzzle Kitchen

New 3D rooms released in 3D Escape Games-Puzzle Kitchen. Play and Have Fun with QuickSailor Escape Games!

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Walkthrough Links
Level 1-https://youtu.be/8ponvwF7x7M
Level 2-https://youtu.be/LZaKN_jEM2w
Level 3-https://youtu.be/9jvgQx8lVnE
Level 4-https://youtu.be/s-q6cmaj3MA 
Level 5-https://youtu.be/Akw9puDTaa0
Level 6-https://youtu.be/3bW84iMWGGQ

79th Escape Game App by QuickSailor.

A kitchen is a room or part of a room used for cooking and food preparation in a dwelling. Have you ever thought what if you get locked in the kitchen all alone surrounded by the kitchen object only. The escape game- Puzzle kitchen brings forth you such an experience in 3D. Here you get locked in a 3D kitchen with the puzzles disguised as objects around you which will help you to escape from the puzzle kitchen. Escape games is a mind games which requires a player to escape from the given locations by exploring the objects and their surroundings. The room escape games is in which players solve a series of puzzles using hidden objects as clues, hints to complete the levels and escape from the room. In the 3D puzzle kitchen you have to find the hidden objects and combine them, solve the puzzles with the help of interconnected hints inform of kitchen objects made available to escape from the kitchen. The puzzle escape builds an intense connection between the player and the game. The 3D puzzle kitchen escape game doesn't stick to random usage of cutleries and other kitchen objects that would aid the players to escape the room. It's a twined series of 3D room escape levels which the player would get indulged in. The first level holds the kitchen room, followed by the second level which would hold the living room and further on as the player would beat each level of this 3D escape game he would come across new 3D rooms escape levels instantly.

3D games give better visualization hence it looks very live than the 2D games. In 3D games we can implement depth to an object which gives it a real look. The 3D escape games make you feel like real life event, it feels like the player itself is present in the particular room that he has to escape from, that's what gives you adrenaline boost! you get immersed in a story of your choice and have to escape from the room before it is too late. Here you have chosen a kitchen puzzle escape game in which you have to escape from the two interlaced escape games, puzzle escape and room escape bestowed to you as 3D escape game. In the kitchen escape game the escape path is camouflaged in such a way that the player would pass by it several times but would overlook and get hooked up in puzzles around in order to escape the room. The 3D escape games have lifted the bars of the escape games to another extent that has made the escape games appear non-fictitious. The kitchen puzzle is a 3D room escape game that enfolds puzzle escape in an actual form that makes the player seems to be present in real kitchen itself. Escape game is often played among the people of all age group. In escape games you are not just solving puzzles to solve puzzle escape game, but you are solving them to escape the destiny that awaits when you run out of time. So it feels like a real victory when you escape.

Download this free Quicksailor 3D Puzzle kitchen Room Escape app and have a simple playtime.


• Find the hidden objects
• Solve the puzzles
• 3D Room escape game app
• Constant updates with new level
• 100% free to download

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