Monday 25 May 2015

Room Escape-Puzzle Daycare

New Levels Added in Room Escape-Puzzle Daycare. Play and Have Fun!

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7th Escape Game App by QuickSailor. Day Care Room is a Room Escape Game App. Locked up in Day care room. Explore Day care room, find hidden objects and make use of them properly, solve puzzles and escape from the Day Care Room. Go ahead Download & play this free room escape game app and have a simple playtime. Solve puzzles and play logically to escape from Day Care Room. Happy Escaping.

Download this free Quicksailor Room Escape game app and have an Happy playtime!

How to play Day Care Room Escape:Go through Day care room find all the objects and make use of them in the right place, solve puzzles and escape.

• Free Room Escape Game
• New Levels will be Available Weekly
• 100% Free to Download & Play
• Room Escape Game App
• Solve Puzzles
• Escape the room / room escape or escape game
• Logical Game-play
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