Friday 26 June 2015

Escape Games-Trick Drawing Room

New Amazing Levels Added in Escape Games-Trick Drawing Room. Have Fun by Solving Puzzles, Finding Objects and Get Escape.

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As you return from your friend’s house you find a cool house and you wish to enter. As soon as you enter the place the door gets locked. It’s all done by the person at home. He’s a trickster and he sees you entering the place and he uses some of his tricks on you to try it out. As it works well he makes you go mad locked in his house. You need not worry since this is a tricksters’ house, surely there’ll be a lot of useful objects in the place for you to escape without any trouble. There’re a lot of cool hints in the house which will guide you perfectly to use the objects in the right spot to escape from all his tricks. So go ahead find all the objects and make use of them properly and escape from this tricky drawing room.
Download this free escape app and have a wonderful tricky playtime.
Move through the room, find all the objects and hints and escape from this room. It's little challenge now, because you need to escape from all five rooms.
•     New Levels Added.
•     New Levels will be Added in Future Updates
•    100% Free to Download.
•    Cool Graphics.
•    Escape App.
•    Room Escape Game App.
•    Skill App.
•    Many puzzles to Solve.
•    Challenging App.
•    Looks easy but Tricky to Escape.

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