Monday 21 September 2015

Escape Game-Unfixed Livin Room

Play new levels in Unfixed Living Room Escape Game. Another Interesting Game from Quicksailor.

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It’s an unfixed old room under renovation, you enter the room to get something and the door closes in the breeze. The handle of the door is missing and you get stuck in there. The only way out is either someone opens from the other side or if not make use of the things available there to open the door and come out. So go ahead play this app and find all the objects in the room and get the perfect one to open the door and escape. Have a great playtime! Enjoy!
Download this free escape app and have fun!
Go through the room find all the objects and get out from this place before things get worse. Have a cool play!
• Free to download.
• Awesome Graphics.
• Room Escape Game App.
• Puzzles to Solve.
• Tilting Device
• New Levels will be Available in Future Updates

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