Wednesday 4 May 2016

3D Escape Games-Puzzle Pirate 1

New 3D Rooms Released in 3D Escape Games-Puzzle Pirate 1. Play and Have Fun!

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Level 3-
Level 4-
Level 5-

Level 6-
Level 7-

Level 8-

Level 9-

Level 10-   
Level 11-
Level 12-
Level 13-
Level 14-

You're locked in a pirate cabin by your friends since you wanted to change yourself into a good person. You need to somehow escape from this cabin and start a new life. All you need to do is, there are a lot of hidden objects in the room which will help you to escape from this cabin easily without getting caught again by anyone. Go ahead play this app and have an easy playtime! Enjoy!
Download this free Quicksailor Pirate Cabin Escape game app and a have a cool playtime!
Go through the cabin, find all the hidden objects and make use of them to escape easily and become a good person. Have Fun!
• Updated with new Level.
• Free to Download.
• Awesome Graphics.
• Room Escape Game App.
• Pirate Cabin.
• Puzzles to Solve.
• More than one hour game play
• Find Hidden Objects for bonus points.
• Free Escape Game

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