Friday 21 October 2016

Escape Games-Pirates Ship

New levels added in Escape Games-Pirates Ship by Quicksailor. Play and Have Fun!

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89th Escape Game App by Quicksailor. Pirate Ship is a Room Escape Game App. Hi friends, you are on a long vacation and you decide to go on a thrilling trip with all your friends. As you were thinking of it, your friend told you about a very scary and tricky pirate ship which is near your house on the coastal area. You felt it interesting and all decided to go there. As soon as you enter the ship, you find a beautiful cabin and you enter it, as soon as you get in, the door locks and you get stuck inside with others. There is a drunken pirate in the cabin and you need to find a way out to escape. There are a lot of useful objects in the cabin which will help you to escape. Once you get out from the cabin, you move on to the second part of the ship where there are a lot of dead pirates all over the place. You need to be very skillful in playing this app and escape out from this ship without any trouble. Go ahead play this Quicksailor Escape Game app and have a challenging playtime! Enjoy!
Download this leisure room escape app and have a skillful playtime!

How to play Pirate Ship Escape: Go through the ship find all the objects, make use of them skillfully and escape from this pirate ship. Have fun!
• 100% Free to Download.
• Attractive Graphics.
• Escape App.
• Room Escape App.
• Pirate Ship
• Challenging, Tricky App.
• Lots of Puzzles to Solve.
• Find Objects
• New Levels added Regularly

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