Thursday 9 March 2017

Escape Games-Bathroom V1

New 3D Rooms Released. 19 Rooms Available to Play.

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117th Escape Game App by Quicksailor. You will have to escape several rooms containing a bath or shower and typically also a washbasin and a toilet. Go through bathroom, solve puzzles, find hidden objects and make use of them properly to escape. Mostly, you will have to escape bathroom containing a toilet and washbasin and typically also a bath or shower.
Bathroom v1 got interesting game play for boys, girls & kids. The Game contains following elements in it: Escape the rooms, Find Hidden Objects & Solve Puzzles. Room Escape games are attracted by escape gamers throughout the world and bathroom v1 is a Room Escape Game.
Bathroom v1 Game contains level 1 to level 9. It means u have 9 rooms to escape in this game. Level 10 to Level 20 available in previous version of bathroom escape. Go ahead play this bathroom escape game app quickly.
Download this free escape game app and have a quick playtime!
How to Play Bathroom v1: Go through the bathroom, solve puzzles, find hidden objects and make use of them to escape.
Bathroom v1 Game Features:
• Level 1 – Level 9
• 100% Free to Download.
• Room Escape Game App.
• Bathroom App
• Solve Puzzles
• Find Hidden Objects
• Cool Graphics & Challenging Game-play

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