Thursday 8 February 2018

100 Rooms Escape

New 3D rooms released. Play and Have Fun!

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Walkthrough Links
Level 1-
Level 2-
Level 3-
Level 4-
Level 5-
Level 6-
Level 7-
Level 8-
Level 9-
Level 10-
Level 11-
Level 12-
Level 13-
Level 14-
Level 15-

83rd Escape Game of QuickSailor

Your aim in this room escaping puzzle game is to find objects, solve puzzles and escape 100 rooms cleverly and unlock new levels of escape.

↗ Challenging puzzles
↗ 100 Different themed rooms
↗ New rooms added frequently 
↗ 100% FREE to Play
↗ Logic brain teasers
↗ Room Escape Game

How to play:
Find and combine objects to use them, solve puzzles and complete each level by escaping the rooms one by one.

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