Thursday 27 August 2015

3D Escape Dungeon Breakout 1

New 3D Rooms Released in 3D Escape Dungeon Breakout 1. Play and Have Fun!

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32nd Escape Game by QuickSailor.

3D Escape Dungeon Breakout 1 has 12 Rooms to Escape!

Dungeon Breakout is a Room Escape Game. Old dungeon in which you are locked for causing trouble in the castle. You need to Escape the Dungeon. In Simple Terms, you can say it as "Dungeon Breakout". castle keep, prison cell below the castle. To escape from the dungeon, you need to find hidden objects & make use of them logically. Solve puzzles and use objects smartly to make an escape from Dungeon.

Dungeon Breakout Escape is free game app. Download this free room escape game app & have an interesting playtime.

How to play Dungeon Breakout Escape: Find Hidden Objects, Solve Puzzles & Escape from the dungeon. Happy Escaping!

Escape Games-Dungeon Breakout1 Features:

• Updated with new Levels.

• 100% Free to Download.

• Attractive Graphics.

• 8 Rooms Escape Game App.

• Dungeon Breakout.

• Puzzles to Solve

• Find Hidden Objects for bonus points.

• Puzzles & Riddles

• Addictive Game play

• Escape Game App

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