Monday 3 August 2015

3D Escape Games-Doors Escape 3

New 3D rooms added in Escape Games-Doors Escape 3. Play and Have Fun!

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64th Room Escape Game App by QuickSailor.

Escape Games-Doors Escape 3 has 125 Doors to Escape

Escape Games-Doors Escape 3 Game, you will have to escape rooms quickly, find Hidden Objects & Solve Puzzles.  Unlock the doors of the room by using objects found inside the room and solve puzzles to find solution. Boys, Girls & Kids can play this room escape game. Escape Games are attracted by escape gamers across the globe and game play of escape games are interesting element to play.
How to Play Quick Doors: Explore each room to find hidden objects, solve puzzles to escape quick rooms.

•    Full Version (Free Download)
•    100 Doors Escape Game App.
•    Solve Puzzles
•    Find Hidden Objects
•    Unlock Doors to Escape
•    New Levels added regularly
•    Escape Game App

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